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Quantified Self (QS) was originally defined as self knowledge through numbers. More precisely, it is the process of extracting personal meaning from personal data.

As the Quantified Self movement has grown, information has become scattered and difficult to find. The purpose of this post is to collect all the information about Quantified Self, organize it, and update it as the QS landscape continues to adapt. This will be a “living list” of QS information.

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Getting Started with QS

General Information

An Overview of Quantified Self

Experimental design


People – there are many more, but trying to keep the list short.

Data Privacy

QS Statistics

Other Resources and Lists


For Entrepreneurs & Investors

For Developers

  • Singly – allows developers to bring social data into their apps
  • Validic – a simple connection to dozens of mobile health apps and devices
  • HumanAPI – access multiple data streams through one API

For Bio Hackers

For DIYers

  • Arduino – open-source electronics prototyping platform
  • Raspberry Pi – credit-card-sized single-board computer
  • BITalino
  • Flutter
  • TrueSense DIY Kit – simple sensor for measuring EEG, ECG, EMG, motion, posture, and more
  • Funf – open source framework for data collection
  • Hacking stations – community-run places where anyone can meet and work on their projects

For Healthcare

For Kids

For Artists

  • Laurie Frick – experiments in self-tracking turned to beautiful art
  • Stephen Cartwright – representing 15 years of personal data in sculptures
  • Body. By Stanza – sculpture which responds to the emergent properties of the environment

University Research

For Marketing

For Corporations

Tools – Health


  • SleepTracker – watch to track sleep and wake you up at the best moment
  • SleepCycle – iphone app to track sleep and wake you up in the lightest sleep phase
  • Lark – wristbands to track and help you improve your sleep
  • WakeMate – wristband and iphone app, now defunct
  • Zeo – sadly, zeo is currently shut down, but was the industry pioneer


Armbands / Wristwatches

  • Basis – heart rate, sleep, activity
  • FitBit – activity, sleep
  • Jawbone Up – activity, sleep, lifestyle
  • Nike Fuelband – tracks activity as NikeFuel
  • Amiigo – 2-piece activity tracker can differentiate between types of exercises and count reps
  • Lark – activity, sleep, diet
  • Pebble Watch – smartwatch that is customizable with apps
  • Mio Alpha – continuous heart rate
  • Polar – heart rate
  • Garmin – gps-enabled watches for different activities
  • W/Me – calculates HRV, mental state, breathing rate, and more.

Fitness / Exercise

  • Retrofit – expert-led, data-driven weight loss program
  • Fitorbit – expert and technology based weight loss program
  • Wahoo Fitness – iPhone-powered fitness tools
  • Runkeeper – easy and social workout tracking
  • Strava – track runs or rides and challenge your friends
  • Endomondo – mobile app for tracking running, cycling, and other sports

Heart (heart rate, heart rate variability, ECG)

  • Scanadu – real-time physical exams using your smartphone – temperature, heart rate, oximetry, ecg, hrv, pwtt, urine analysis, stress
  • Tinke – check your wellness (heart rate, hrv, respiratory rate, blood oxygen)
  • Cardiio – uses the iPhone camera to measure heart rate
  • Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor – bluetooth smart heart rate strap
  • Alivecor – Portable ECG for iPhone
  • emWave2 – train your physiological response to stress, balance emotions, and improve performance
  • Ithlete – chest strap and app to monitor heart rate variability, with a focus on when to train and when to rest

Food / Diet

  • MyFitnessPal – free food diary and nutrition tracker with a huge database
  • Lose It – set daily calorie budget, track food and exercise, and stay motivated to lose weight
  • HAPIfork – electronic fork that helps you monitor and track your eating habits, and it alerts you when you are eating too fast
  • Eatery – snap photos of your food and get crowdsourced feedback on your health
  • Breezing – measure your metabolism using the world’s only mobile metabolism tracker


Blood Pressure

  • Withings – wireless blood pressure monitor
  • iHealth Monitor – wireless wrist or arm blood pressure monitor
  • Blipcare – wireless blood pressure monitor


  • Dexcom – continuous glucose monitoring
  • Glooko – mobile, cloud-based diabetes management
  • CareLogger – Diabetes logbook and blood glucose chart

Treatment & Medication

  • CureTogether – crowdsourced treatment ratings and reviews
  • Vitality Glowcaps – uses visual feedback to remind patients to take their medications
  • Medminder – automatic pill dispenser with reminders
  • Medisafe Project – mobile patient compliance solution
  • Symple – a simple way to track symptoms

Fertility & Breast Exams

Lab Tests


  • EyeNetra – eye test device that connects to smartphone


  • Muse – measures your brainwaves in real-time
  • NeuroSky – measure brainwave EEG and heartbeat ECG signals
  • Melon – Uses EEG signals to quantify focus
  • Emotiv Insight – wireless headset that monitors your brain activity and translates them into meaningful data


Tools – Lifestyle


  • Memoto – tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory
  • Autographer – world’s first intelligent, wearable camera
  • Google Glass – intelligent glasses
  • Lifeslice – simple Mac script that uses your webcam camera to take a photo (+ screenshot) every hour
  • 365Project – document a year of your life by taking a photo a day
  • One Second Everday – record 1 second of your life every day
  • Slogger for Day One – turns Day One journal into an automated social log


  • Foursquare – where you have been
  • TripIt – your flights
  • WorkInField – mileage, route, and destinations
  • Placeme – uses smartphone gps to automatically track where you’ve been
  • Chronos – shows you where you spend your time and with whom

Custom Habits and Goals

  • AskMeEvery – simple, meaningful collection of personal data via email or text
  • IFTTT – integrate different online services in clever ways
  • Lift – simple way to achieve any goal, track progress, and get social support
  • Stickk – set stakes to ensure you stick to your goals
  • Beeminder – track your goals and if you fall off course, you have to pay
  • MercuryApp – micro-journaling with analytics
  • TrackThisForMe – simple tool for tracking anything
  • RoutineTap – track your goals
  • Daytum – collect, categorize, and communicate your everyday data
  • HabitForge – set a habit and succeed at it for 21 straight days
  • Good Habits – very simple habit-building iphone app


  • 750words – simple, private journal with language analysis
  • idonethis – daily status checks via email
  • ohlife – private journaling via email
  • Narrato – the first app built on the Narrato platform is a journaling tool

Mood / Emotion

  • MoodJam – track your moods using colors and words
  • Happier – share happy moments with friends
  • Moodlytics – app, analysis, and companion for increasing happiness
  • MoodPanda – track then visualize your mood via graphs, calendars, maps and more
  • In Flow – mood and emotion diary
  • Mood Watch – depression, anxiety, and mood tracking app
  • Track Your Happiness – scientific research project that randomly prompts you for mood and context, and after 50 samples provides you a personalized happiness report
  • Happiness – iOS journal focused on happiness

Computer Usage

  • RescueTime – personal-analytics service that shows you how you spend your time & provides tools to help you be more productive
  • 8aweek – a Firefox extension that monitors surfing behavior to let you know when you spend too much time on time wasting sites
  • SelfSpy – for developers, log everything you do on the computer


Money / Finances

  • Mint – simple, visual budget manager
  • TheBirdy – email/text-based spending tracker
  • Slice – keep track of everything you buy online


  • Netatmo – air quality, weather, CO2, barometric pressure, humidity
  • Nest – tracks home temperature and humidity
  • Lapka – beautifully designed sensors for tracking radiation, EMF, nitrates, and humidity


  • Bowel Movements – Larry Smarr used stool tests to measure aspects of his Crohn’s disease
  • Bedpost – Sex
  • LumoBack – Posture
  • MYO – Muscle Activity
  • Toothbrush – tracks when, how often, and how long you brush your teeth

Tools – Analysis

Data Aggregators

  • TicTrac – track all activities in one place and receive weekly custom reports
  • NextStep.io – make sense of your activity data
  • Foxing – collects data from over 30 devices and helps you build habits from it
  • Fluxstream – an open-source personal data visualization framework
  • Zenobase – bring data from multiple sources together
  • The Locker Project – container for personal data (currently under development)
  • Cloud2Health – connects your health, fitness app, and medical records in one place on your mobile device
  • HealthVault – Microsoft HealthVault is a secure way to share health information online
  • ProjectAddApp – connect different health and fitness apps to find correlations

Visualization Tools

  • Excel, Google Drive
  • Nineteen – visual representations of your data
  • Indiemapper – make static, thematic maps from geographic data
  • Visualizing.org – community trying to make sense of complex issues through data and design
  • FlowingData – blog of interesting data visualizations

Analysis Tools

  • Statwing – explore statistical relationships among your data
  • Wolfram Alpha Pro – a powerful tool for data manipulation and visualization

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